Terskol, 2016.
Terskol, 2016.

Hello, friends. Welcome to my site. Name is Michael Mirn but I usually present myself as “a regular guy who loves art”.

I am a lawyer by my initial education (got a diploma with the specialization in criminal law) plus 3 years of criminal psychology under my belt. Now I’ve gotten two more degrees, in Modern art and the Medieval European art, and pursue that occupation further. The fact that I’ve been drawing since the age of four also helps a lot.

I do love art and not just platonically. I have a tendency to reflect the world in different ways: through my paintings, photos, drawings and scripts. As for the present – my passion is totally conquered by the amazing possibilities that are given by 3D software, specially the magnificent Blender3D. That comes really handy when I sculpt and work with plaster, resin, wood or silicone.

In case Ton Roosendaal reads this: Ton, thank you so much! You and your team are totally amazing!

If you want to buy some of my works you can visit my Etsy page (unavailable since 24.02.2022).
For business inquiries, please, contact me via email: michaelmirn@gmail.com


Sometimes people buy a piece of art and then get upset cause they have to wait for the package way too long. Let me inform you in advance:

It takes a few days to get a work prepared for the shipment. And it may take up to a few weeks before it is delivered — if we talk about over Atlantic/Pacific ocean type of delivery + customs. Destinations may vary from hand to hand transfers to over the thousands of miles deliveries and logistic may run slow sometimes. Please, take into account these possible delays.

  • Q: How long does it take to create one work?
    A: Usually it takes around 15 days — from the very first sketch to the final coating. And when I use molds — and that’s becoming a common thing — then it goes down to a week.
  • Q: I like that particular work of yours but it is already sold. Can you make a copy of that?
    A: If I have a mold for a model then it is possible to copy the main subject of that particular work. But all these layers, colors and the final image can not be 100% reproduced. Every work is unique.
  • Q: Do you perform custom models?
    A: I can perform a model on request but it will take at least a month to complete. If you want something beautiful to appear — you can not rush it.

For any other questions: ask away. And thanks a million for fancying my art.