Current series: DEEP BLUE
Production period: 2022—…

Winter Whale. 30*90 cm, plaster, wood, resin, acrylic paint.

Current series: FLORA
Production period: 2021—…

Birch Grove. 30*90 cm, plaster, wood, resin, aluminum foil, acrylic paint.

Birch Grove is the first one in the series and there is a story about that work.

When Birch Grove was finished that work didn’t sound. Everything was in its place, done as it should, nothing to be added or removed but something was missing. It’s a pretty exhausting moment when everything is done but does not feel right. It’s like when you put all these words together but there is no meaning in the phrase.
Fortunately, that meaning was found and quite by the accident. Trying to find a key to unlock that work I went out to the park. And it started to rain. It was a light rain over the warm greenery of August. The slightest drizzle over the grass, the chalky pallor of the horizon — I saw this fog and everything fell into place.
I rushed back home and the moment I put that matte varnish over that glossy resin — the work started to sound. The depth appeared, the rain appeared, the resin turned into a downpour, towards which fog rose from the warm, summer earth. And that was it.

Past series: SOLAR OCEAN
Production period: 2018—2020

A series of eight works, one for each planet (with occasional duos). Mercury, Venus, Earth and Moon, Phobos and Deimos, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
Here is an example from that series:

Neptune. 30*90 cm, plaster, wood, resin, acrylic paint. Not available.